Welcome RuckPay partners!

Turn your content into revenue with the RuckPay Affiliate Program.

As RuckPay directs its focus to mainland Europe, we are delighted to extend a warm welcome to you, joining the expanding circle of RuckPay’s partners and customers.

We collaborate closely with our partners to provide exceptional payment solutions. Our enduring partnerships with numerous collaborators, spanning from web developers to technology firms, are a source of pride for us.

10 minutes !

Enable your customers to submit their onboardind information and documents in less than 10 minutes.

Recurring Revenue Share

A lucrative revenue-share program to increase the value of your customers. For each customers successfully referred, we pay 20% of RuckPay’s net revenue for the first year and 10% for the following years.

Easy Integration

Various integration options, made easy by a comprehensive technical documentation and online or phone support.

Customer-Centric Personalisation

Customisation of all customer’s pages. Use of the customer’s logo, brand and text on the login pages your clients use for orders and checkout.

Our exceptional partners fuel our motivation !

We specialise in partnering with third-parties organisations to offer our payment solutions to small and medium-sized businesses selling online.

Our partnerships with independent software vendors, freelancers and marketing agencies allow us to offer the latest technologies, payment and security features to their customers.

We offer a variety of services, including alternative payment methods, such as PayPal and SEPA, security and fraud prevention solutions.

We also offer our partners an additional revenue (20% of RuckPay’s net revenue for the first year and 10% for the following years for each customer successfully referred) and value-added services, such as customer analytics and marketing tools. These features help our partners by providing valuable insights into their business, and enabling them to make informed decisions to increase their sales and improve their customers’ satisfaction .

Our team of experts is dedicated to providing personalised support and guidance to our partners and their customers to help them navigate the complex world of payments.

Monetize your Influence

Receive a commission by referring businesses to us.

Entrust the task to experts – suggest RuckPay to your clients for a discussion on their payment requirements.

Earn revenue share for every qualifying customer you refer.

Contact us to engage with our partnerships team