Getting started with WooCommerce

This plugin requires WooCommerce to work. Please install WooCommerce before proceeding.


RuckPay has verified that this plugin works seamlessly with the most recent version of WooCommerce, provided it’s used with the default Storefront theme and assuming no additional themes or plugins are installed. Please note, if you decide to use our plugin in conjunction with other third-party themes or plugins, it falls upon you to rigorously test your setup to guarantee its proper functioning.

It’s advisable to establish two versions of your WooCommerce store: a staging instance for testing and another for handling real transactions. By mirroring the configurations on both, you can safely test updates before implementing them live. [Click here to learn more] (link to external site).

Before you begin

To test your integration:


  • Download the latest version of the RUCKPAY WooCommerce module
  • Go to your WordPress/WooCommerce admin panel
  • Navigate to Plugins → Add new Plugin
  • Click on Upload Plugin
  • Select the downloaded file


Go to WordPress → Installed Plugins → “RuckPay Payments for WooCommerce” → Settings

  1. Enter your RUCKPAY’s APIKeys for each environment
  2. Click Save

Go to WordPress → WooCommerce → Settings → Payments

  1. Activate “RuckPay Bank Card – Bank Card (with RuckPay)”

Before you go live

  • Make sure that your account has been approved (LIVE enabled)