What products and services are prohibited?

We do not accept products and services that could pose a risk to our reputation.

We do not accept the following products or services:


  • Any sexual or pornographic content
  • Adult dating sites
  • Prostitution
  • Sexual events

Financial services

  • Unregulated financial products
  • Illegal financial products or services
  • Collection of payments or factoring
  • Cryptocurrency trading
  • Issuing checks or money orders, as well as unauthorized money or cash transfer services
  • Exchange offices or money conversion services for which the provider is not licensed
  • Alternative currencies, payment cards or wallets for which the service provider does not have a license
  • Investment products, investment advice or training services for which the service provider is not licensed
  • Using the system to bypass card network control and security systems


  • Weapons
  • Ammunition


  • Unauthorized trade in prescription drugs, pharmacy services, or any other controlled substance
  • Pseudo-drugs or pseudo-pharmaceuticals


  • Drugs
  • Any material that could be used in the production of cannabis or illicit drugs

Health Supplements

  • Harmful health supplements
  • Steroids and nutraceuticals that harm consumer safety

Illegal or stolen products

  • Illegal products or services
  • Illegal or stolen goods
  • Products or services that assist or instruct in illegal activities
  • Unauthorized recreational products or services
  • Products or services that may infringe the copyrights, trademarks or privacy of others


  • Illegal gambling
  • Games of chance for which the provider does not have a license
  • Binary options or contracts for difference

Socially unacceptable behavior

  • Products or services that promote terrorism or political violence
  • Products or services for which the service provider evades the law
  • Products or services promoted by illegal means
  • Deceptive, unjustifiable or indecent products or services
  • Deceptive marketing practices
  • Pyramid schemes and other methods that suggest the customer will “get rich quick”
  • Products that pose an unacceptable risk to our reputation